Renee Wahl

Band Info
Renee Wahl
Band Name: Renee Wahl
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Nashville, TN, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Renee Wahl, Roger Prescott, Dan Seymour, and Herschel VanDyke
Genres: Acappella, Country, Rockabilly
Free Download Available:







 Renee Wahl Background Info

As an alternative country artist, Wahl has followed a non-traditional path to a career in music, and yet no one who has known her over the years would ever question her destination.  Finding her way to Philadelphia, Wahl became a regular on the local Indie music scene.  After a stint in the US Air Force, where Wahl served first as a flight specialist and later as a physicist and educator, she returned to music.  Eventually making her way to Nashville, Wahl’s affable personal style helped her network with some of the brightest lights on Music Row. (paraphrased from Renee Wahl’s Website)

MarsBands Review

What could I possibly say about Renee Wahl that would do her music justice?  Her voice is sublime, her lyrics are witty and sharp, and the music has a brilliant Country Twang with just a hint of Rock.  Renee Wahl will wow you with her sweetness, she will thrill you with her Rockabilly vibe, and she very well may scare you with her fiery wit.


An excellent all-’round musician, Renee Wahl excels in all aspects of her music.  Her music and voice will catch you off guard the first time you listen – and then you’re hooked.  It only takes a few seconds to realize you’re listening to something great, whether you’re listening to the upbeat and fast paced song Heart Break Thing or the intriguingly spooky Keeping You For Mine.

Personally, I found myself being a big fan of Under My Skin.  It has a slow, methodical beat that nearly entrances you with the added bonus of Renee’s soulful voice and lyrics.  Just when you thought you knew where the song was going, she hits your ears with something that will Rock you and keep you on the edge of your seat.  Enjoy!

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Keeping You For Mine
  • Heartbreak Thing

Where They Are From

Nashville, TN, USA

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