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Band Name: Lovelyss
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Origin: Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Genres: Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Indie
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Lovelyss Background Info

drinks coffee and loves rainy days. flannels make my heart happy. i’d rather chill and watch cartoons than most else.  Musical lovechild of Phoebe Boufette (from Friends) & Kurt Cobain. (taken from Lovelyss’ Reverbnation bio)

MarsBands Review

Lovelyss, as she puts it, is a mix of Phoebe and Kurt.  And while that certainly sounds like a fantastic combo, I’m not seeing the Phoebe part so much.  In fact, from what I can hear, she’s more of a Kurt and Courtney.  Lovelyss certainly has the Nirvana sound down to a T (or tee if you prefer).  To be even more specific, if you have heard the music on Nirvana’s, With The Lights Out, Lovelyss’ sound is strikingly similar.  How so?

In the Kurt recordings, for the most part, they were Kurt sitting down with a guitar and some kind of recording device.  And honestly, as crude and unpolished at it was, it was simply amazing. Sure, all the songs from Nirvana’s albums were great, even when they were given that special sparkle and bells and whistles.  But the songs from With The Lights Out just seemed so much more real, more personal, that it immediately engrossed you.

Now re-read that paragraph and insert Lovelyss where you see Kurt.  Lovelyss makes music that isn’t “radio worthy”, in that they are crude recordings.  And perhaps it’s my love for vinyl records and that rough, sketchy sound that makes me want to listen to both Kurt and Lovelyss over and over again.  And for the record, “crude recordings” shouldn’t be taken as a slight by any means.  Lovelyss’ music is real, far more real than you’ll hear on any radio station or at 90% of concerts.

I get that there might be some people out there who won’t like this music.  Sure, it’s hard to hear the words at times.  Sure, it’s just some palm-muted guitar playing.  Yes, that is certainly one way to look at it.

The other way to look at it is that you have been given unprecedented access to the inner mind of an incredibly talented, very creative, very passionate young lady who, based on her looks, could have totally gone on to Idol and done quite well (let’s be honest, Idol isn’t about promoting ugly people, no matter how well they can sing).

Instead, she’s taking personal, intimate moments with a pen and paper, her mind, her guitar, and recording it to share with as many ears that will listen.  I applaud her fervently for her passion and her stones.

The only suggestion that I might give to her, would be to do more of the stuff she did with her song Before it All.  She used her voice to sing, and then added in this creepily entrancing, softly whispering backing voice.  I would love to hear that in some more songs.

Feel free to check out Lovelyss music below.  If you don’t, you’re off my cool list… Oh, I have a list.

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Where They Are From

Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

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