Band Info
Band Name: Mr.Keys
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Bend, Oregon, USA
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Trevor Blake
Genres: Classic Rock, Indie, Psychedelic
Free Download Available:











Mr.Keys Background Info

I believe music is something to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, anywhere, in any mood.  Music is so mysterious, so profound.  You can’t explain the way a song can move you when the notes land just right.  I am proud to be a contributing member in the “Ooohs and Aaahs” of music. (via Mr.Keys on ReverbNation)

“Outside of music my name is Trevor Blake, and I do live in Oregon.  Bend, OR right now.  I have been doing the “Mr.Keys” project off and on since 2005 or so.  I have played with different bands on the side in that time frame as well, ranging from Screamo/Hardcore to Folk/Rock.  Most of the music I have up right now I recorded on my laptop, minus Broken Word and Hello~Goodbye which were done by some friends” (Trevor Blake, Mr.Keys)

MarsBands Review

My favorite song by Mr.Keys is easily The Butcher Man.  I would describe that song as Pink Floyd meets Dr. Demento.  It has that “creepy” quality that just sounds so amazing, you can’t help but like it.  Overall, I would describe Mr.Keys as a mix of Classic Rock (think Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart) with a splash of Folk and even a bit of 80s Pop.  This isn’t your “traditional” Folk music, either, as I realize that term could be confused with some Folk bands like The Hudsons.

I realize that my description of Mr.Keys’ sound is a little hard to follow, but it just seems that every song that I have heard from Mr.Keys tends to remind me of a different band or genre.  Mr.Keys has one of the most creative and unique sounds I have heard in quite some time.  Like the song Hello Goodbye, to me, gives off a Rod Stewart kind of vibe.

Each song is obviously crafted with emotion and passion which is the trademark of good music and a great band.  Check out some awesome music from Mr.Keys via ReverbNation below.  Trevor, consider MarsBands officially “Oooh-ed and Aaah-ed”.


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Where They Are From

Bend, OR, USA

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