Mary and the Giant

Band Info
Mary and the Giant
Band Name: Mary and the Giant
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Columbia, MO, USA
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Zac Fiddes (Vocals), Jason Koch (Acoustic Guitar), John Marino (Electric Bass), Michael Schembre (Violin), Justin Mayfield (Cajon, BG Vox)
Genres: Folk, Indie, Pop Rock
Free Download Available:







Mary and the Giant Background Info

Mary and the Giant is a unique five-piece indie bluegrass band hailing from Columbia, MO. Blending a mix of folk, pop, rock, and indie influences they have created a sound all their own. With delicate but powerful guitar parts, tight fiddle solos, and a backbone of bass and cajon, they lay out a perfect landscape for singer Zac Fiddes to play in.

They take their influences from a diverse background including bands such as The Format, Kings Of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Young the Giant (formerly The Jakes), fun., James Taylor, The Gorillaz, Old Crow Medicine Show, Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, ELO, Steely Dan, Andrew Bird, Nickel Creek, The Black Keys, The Doobie Brothers, Fall Out Boy, The Band and many more. Though they play the occasional cover song, they have a battery of originals that would last for hours on end. (via Mary and the Giant’s ReverbNation Page)

MarsBands Review

You probably won’t hear me say it too often, but Mary and the Giant is one of the yummiest bands I’ve heard in some time.  Yummy isn’t exactly a word you’d expect someone to use for a band, so I will explain it to you.

Mary and the Giant makes awesome, awesome music (yes, that’s a double-awesome).  They make the kind of music that people like me will just eat right up (hence the yummy).  This band reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorites, Zox.  Now, whether Mary and the Giant have ever heard of Zox, I have no idea.  But the comparisons go beyond the fact that the violin plays a prominent role in both bands.

While the violin is perhaps the focal point for many, the ability to combine several seemingly un-combinable (probably not a word, but I think it fits) sounds into cohesive beats and rhythms is what I find to be simply astounding about this band.

In fact, I don’t think the band actually relies too heavily on any one instrument.  Sure, Mary and the Giant have some awesome violin parts.  But they also have some slick guitar riffs, hypnotizing bass lines, and silky smooth vocals.  This music and this band makes my ears happy.  And I’d be willing to bet if you give them the chance, they will make your ears happy, too!  Give the boys from my home state some love!


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Where They Are From

Columbia, MO, USA

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