The Glass Child

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The Glass Child
Band Name: The Glass Child
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Sweden
Year Formed:
Band Members: Charlotte Eriksson
Genres: Alternative, Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
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The Glass Child Background Info

The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is the girl from Sweden who left everything she knew to prove to the world what she can do and live her life on her own terms. Only 19 years old she moved all on her own to London to give her life to the music. In only a year Charlotte has started her own record label ”Broken Glass Records”, produced and released 2 EPs with praising words form music-blogs and magazines from all over the world.

In September she released a charity-single ”I Will Lead You Home”, for the swedish cancer-organization Ung Cancer, to support young victims of the disease. The song exploded and reached # 2 on the Swedish Itunes-charts and has now been played over 50,000 times on youtube. She’s played allover London and played her first US-show in New York in November.

Was named Breakthrough Indie Artist of the Year by Lemonade Magazine and has been played by Tom Robinson on BBC Introducing, and now she’s getting ready for her first UK-tour later this spring. And most of all, she’s done everything on her own, with nothing but a dream, hard work and determination. (from The Glass Child’s Website)

MarsBands Review

Charlotte Eriksson has a spectacularly elegant voice.  At times she is soft, sweet, and timid.  Other times she is loud, demanding, and dominant.  The best part is how she takes all of those qualities and combines them in each song.  When she begins to harmonize, watch out.  It’s insanely overwhelming.  The only thing better than hearing Charlotte Eriksson sing is hearing her harmonize with herself.

Charlotte Eriksson is a poet, first and foremost, who just so happens to put those words into the form of music.  Her lyrics are intense, genuine, and powerful.  They are excellently crafted and become like an additional instrument for her songs.  Some my even be inclined to label her as the female Dave Matthews.  While the music is catchy and sounds great, for me, the lyrics are the focal point.

Perhaps it’s the Sweden connection, but The Glass Child reminds me at times of Linda Carlsson.  Every now and then you’ll hear Charlotte give off kind of a growl when she’s singing, the same kind of growl you hear from Linda in some of her songs.  But she also has her own little trademark where she “squeaks” sometimes too.  And I don’t say that as anything mean, it’s endearing.  It’s fantastic.

Some of my favorite songs from The Glass Child are Insanity, Creepy Little Story, and Best Part of Me.  And while those songs have impeccable rhythm, harmony, catchy beats, and angelic vocals, my favorite song is Hypnic Jerk.  The softness and quietness of the song accentuate the lyrics which immediately grip your heart.  The song gives off a Jewel-vibe (prior to Jewel’s massive selling out).  The only bad thing about Hypnic Jerk is that it’s too short.

If you want to listen to some truly amazing music with intelligent, honest, and passionate lyrics, I suggest you give The Glass Child a listen.  Enjoy!

Check out our interview with Charlotte!

Part 1 “The How’s and Why’s
Part 2 “My Music, My Rules
Part 3 “Laughter

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