Bad Dolly

Band Info
Bad Dolly
Band Name: Bad Dolly
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Lucy Ernst (Guitar,Vocals), James Young (Drums,Bass)
Genres: Alternative, Grunge, Pop Rock
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Bad Dolly Background Info

Bad Dolly is a three piece indie rock/punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Mostly it’s about having fun and creating something with a bit of meaning. (from Reverbnation bio)

MarsBands Review

A mix of The Distillers, Hole, Nirvana, with a splash of Tracy Bonham, Bad Dolly creates some high-intensity, awesome Grunge-esque music that is distinctly their own.  Bad Dolly gives off a wonderful 90s vibe to their music, taking full advantage of their simple, yet rhythmic, distorted guitars.

Bad Dolly lead singer, Lucy Ernst, has a tough-as-nails attitude when she sings.  Possessing the perfect voice for the type of music Bad Dolly plays, Lucy is energetic and passionate while doing her thing on stage.  Much the way Emily Armstrong from Dead Sara puts her entire being into performing, Lucy Ernst doesn’t hold back on vocals.  Listening to her sing at times can be heart-wrenching, because you can feel the emotion and passion the songs convey quite easily.

Some of my favorite songs that I would suggest you listen to first are Raw, Color Me, and Mommy Needs Her Medician.  I would also suggest you check out One Kiss.  Now, when you listen to it, you’re going to say, whoa, this is out of tune – Ack!  At least that was my first thought.  But don’t stop listening, because that out of tune sound fits the songs lyrics and eventually becomes an entrancing melody that, in combination with some stellar (and somewhat spooky) vocals, will leave you feeling oddly satisfied.

Another thing I really like about Bad Dolly is that they are kind of like a two sided coin.  There is the harder, Rockier stuff that you’ll hear and then there is the softer, sadder, introspective side to their music that I found fascinating.

Below are 19 songs for you to listen to and familiarize yourself with.  Not all of them have that “professional” recording sound, and some are live recordings, but the ones that are a little rough are some of my favorites.  These are some great songs from a great band, and if you are looking for some awesome, real Grunge Rock to send you back to the 90s, Bad Dolly is a band you need to listen to.

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Where They Are From

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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