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Hilary Grist
Band Name: Hilary Grist
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Year Formed:
Band Members: Hilary Grist
Genres: Alternative, Folk, Pop








Hilary Grist Background Info

Cabaret torch singer, thoughtful folk songwriter and accomplished pianist; Hilary Grist pens playful pop-folk music that is infectious and personal. Sung with a voice that is captivating and strong, but soft around the edges, her songs have been called ‘old fashioned gems’. Hilary wears it all on her sleeve with unselfconscious warmth.

A musician since the age of four, Hilary was born in Quesnel, B.C. and grew up in Maple Ridge singing along to the Beatles in the family station wagon, playing piano and writing her own little songs when no one was home. Years of piano lessons and school choir led her to move to Vancouver and continue her music education at the Jazz Studies Program at Capilano University. Since graduating she has released 3 albums and toured across Canada several times, gaining a steadily growing fan base along the way. (via Hilary Grist last.fm page)

MarsBands Review

Hilary Grist is a fantastic singer and songwriter.  Her songs have tons of emotion and passion and the music videos that accompany her songs are usually pretty awesome.  Like, for example, the video for Just Imagine.  The song is soft and slow, and the video is creative and clever.  It’s a perfect mix.

Like The Oh Wells, Hilary Grist entered into the PEAK Performance Project in 2011.  She did quite well for herself, placing 4th and taking a nice little sum of money as a prize (in addition to loads of exposure and promotion).  She has used some of her winnings to create more awesome videos.

I think the best way to describe Hilary Grist is to say she is a less Folky Jeremy Fisher.  Both have an artistic side which pleases the eyes and ears, and both are amazing musicians.  Be sure to check out Hilary Grist if you enjoy good music.

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Other Songs to Check Out

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  • Stick of Dynamite
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  • Save You For Last

Where They Are From

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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