Dolls for Idols

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Dolls for Idols
Band Name: Dolls for Idols
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Malta
Year Formed:
Band Members: Clint Spiteri (Programming, Guitar and vocals), Erick Saliba (Bass) and Aaron Sammut (Drums)
Genres: ElectroPop, Grunge, Punk







Dolls for Idols Background Info

Dolls For Idols are an Electronic band based in Malta. The band consists of Clint Spiteri (Programming, Guitar and vocals), Erick Saliba (Bass) and Aaron Sammut (Drums) Flaunting an intrinsic electronic vein underpinning indie and pop sensibilities, Dolls for Idols’s music has embraced a stronger element of synthesised sounds inspired by the 80s synthpop sensation and the 90s rave generation, all served up with an attitude that is very much rooted in the here and now. (via Dolls for Idols MySpace Page)

MarsBands Review

Just like the other awesome bands from Malta (see: Cable35, Bridget Bone), Dolls for Idols really knows how to rock a song, in their own special way.  Dolls for Idols are a brilliant mix of Electro, Pop, Rock, with some splashes of Punk.  Their songs are generally upbeat, quick-paced, and will give you the urge to dance.

It’s pretty amazing to see the number of awesome bands that are coming out of Malta.  This is the third band we’ve posted from Malta, and there are more on the way in the coming weeks.  Check out Dolls for Idols’ music below via SoundCloud.

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