The Oh Wells

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The Oh Wells
Band Name: The Oh Wells
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: British Columbia, Canada
Year Formed:
Band Members: Sarah Jickling, Kirby Bobyk, Chris King, John Mcdonald & Ben Weymouth
Genres: Folk, Indie, Indie Pop, Pop








Background Info and Review 

From White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, The Oh Wells consist of Sarah Jickling, Kirby Bobyk, Chris King, John Mcdonald & Ben Weymouth.  This band’s music is so catchy it is quickly becoming an infectious pandemic.  Sarah has such a wonderfully talented voice.  It can be soft, loud, sweet and impolitely aggressive all at the same time.

The lyrics sound like they are straight out of a diary without that Emo feeling or sound.  Laying out all her fears, quirks and imperfections, Sarah Jickling will capture your attention because she sings about things that cross everyone’s mind at one point or another.

While all the songs from The Oh Wells newly released EP, Not That Girl From Transformers, are really good and have something amazing to offer the listener, my favorite song from The Oh Wells is Is It Too Late To Apologize.  But the Not That Girl From Transformers EP also has some other very good music on it.

The song Out of Love isn’t much of a dancing song, as many of The Oh Wells’ songs are.  Instead, it’s more of a contemplative song and actually seems kind of sad to me.  Perhaps I’m reading into it a bit much, but Sarah really lays it on the line in this song.

Dance With You is another wonderful song from their new EP.  To me it sounds like a mix of Pop and Ska.  Maybe I’ve just got Ska on the brain, but that guitar sure sounds suspiciously Ska-ish to me.  And it is magnificent.  Definitely a dancing song. gives The Oh Wells our highest regards and urges you to check them out.

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Where They Are From

White Rock, BC, Canada


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