Jeremy Fisher

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Jeremy Fisher
Band Name: Jeremy Fisher
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Year Formed: 2001
Band Members:
Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Indie

     The Rundown:  Jeremy Fisher is a singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  His music is Acoustic and Folk mixed with a little Rock and Blues.  His official music career began in 2001 when he independently released the album “Back Porch Spirituals“.  Sony Music Canada liked that they heard, and signed him to a deal for his second album, “Let it Shine” in 2004.  In 2007 Fisher released his third album, “Goodbye Blue Monday” followed by “Flood” in 2010, both releases we with the label Aquarius.

Jeremy Fisher has an excellent sense of humor.  He’s a real stand-up, nice guy – at least from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube.  Though not present in all of his songs, Jeremy Fisher does present a certain element of humor to his music at times, and especially in his music videos.  The video for his song, “Cigarette“, was a home-made video that clearly demonstrates that Jeremy Fisher’s creative abilities are much deeper than music.

Mr. Fisher is famous for his folksy, acoustic guitar performances.  His songs are usually upbeat, peppy, and terribly catchy. Jeremy has many good songs including “Cigarette“, “Sula“, “Built to Last“, “Jolene” (which he also did a version of with Hannah Georgas), and my personal favorite, “Scar that Never Heals“.  This song has a lot of things that I love, like vocal harmony, accordion, and acoustic guitar.  It has fast parts, slow parts, quiet parts, loud(er) parts, and it flows nicely.  Even if you don’t like the song, you should at least check out the video, as it is pretty snazzy cool too.

Jeremy Fisher may not be the most well-known artist, but in our book, he is one of the more talented ones. knows what’s best for you. and it just so happens that what’s best for you at this time is Jeremy Fisher.  Go getch’ya some!

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Sula
  • Cigarette
  • Jolene
  • Built to Last

Where They Are From

Hamilton, ON, Canada

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