Cotton Jones

Band Info
Cotton Jones
Band Name: Cotton Jones
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Cumberland, Maryland, USA
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Whitney McGraw, Michael Nau
Genres: Folk, Indie, Jazz





Cotton Jones Background Info

The music of Cotton Jones speaks of transition: the passage from one form, state of mind, style or place to another. Songs become doorways to the past, or windows that open on some unnamed future, where innocence can still exist and perfection is thrown to the wind. (via Cotton Jones Facebook Page)

Formerly the Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Cotton Jones employs Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw.  Cotton Jones has released several EPs and albums which include:

  • The Cotton Jones Basket Ride EP (2007)
  • The Archery EP (2008)
  • The River Strumming (2008)
  • Rio Ranger EP (2009)
  • Paranoid Cocoon (2009)
  • Tall Hours in the Glowstream (2010)
  • Sit Beside Your Vegetables (2011)

MarsBands Review

Cotton Jones is Folk music with a splash of 70’s style Classic Rock with perhaps a tad of Jazz at times to keep things interesting.  A very awesome and unique sounding band, they are nearly constantly releasing something new.

If I had to describe this band, I would say they are a mix of No Island‘s Classic Rock sound and Right Away, Great Captain‘s soft, Folksy sound.  And if you have heard either of those two bands, that makes for a pretty awesome mix of music.

Check out their album Paranoid Cocoon (my favorite) below.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Gotta Cheer Up
  • I Am the Changer

Where They Are From

Cumberland, MD, USA


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