Molly Lewis

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Molly Lewis
Band Name: Molly Lewis
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Orange County, California
Year Formed:
Band Members:
Genres: Acoustic, Comedy







The Rundown:  Molly Lewis is an entertainer first, musician second.  How do you know if you’ll like her?  That’s easy.  Do you like music done with a ukulele?  That’s a silly question, who doesn’t?  Well do you like to laugh?  Another easy one, laughing is fun!  Final question; Would like to listen to awesome music that makes you laugh?  Thats right, you’re intrigued like a mo’fo’ now, aren’t ya?

Molly Lewis is funny, talented, and super witty.  Besides rocking YouTube with a simple acoustic guitar, ukulele, and an intoxicatingly cute voice, she also does lots of fun stuff to follow on the Twitters.  She has a pretty large collection of songs to her credit.  She does a lot of cover songs with her trusty ukulele, as well as some originals.  She’s like Stephen Lynch, only with a ukulele.  If you don’t know who Stephen Lynch is, shame on you!

Some of her songs that I really liked are My Hope“, “Still Alive“, “Road Trip“, and “Some Postman“. loves Molly because she is so funny, so clever, and so talented.  If you need cheering up, or just need to see how powerful a tool a ukulele can be, check out Molly Lewis.





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Other Songs to Check Out

  • MyHope
  • Still Alive
  • Road Trip
  • Some Postman

Where They Are From

Orange, California, USA

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