The Ditty Bops

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The Ditty Bops
Band Name: The DItty Bops
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Year Formed: 2004
Band Members: Abby DeWald, Amanda Barrett
Genres: Folk, Indie Rock










The Rundown:  Los Angeles’ best kept secret, The Ditty Bops represent a folky, swingy, bluesgrass type sound that is fun and entertaining to listen to.   Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett teamed up in 2004 to create The Ditty Bops.  Six of their songs have been used in Grey’s Anantomy.  The Ditty Bops have released four albums, two on Warner Bros. Records and two on their own label: “The Ditty Bops” (2004, Warner Bros. Records), “Moon Over the Freeway” (2006, Warner Bros. Records), “Summer Rains” (2008, Ditty Bops Music), and “Love Letters” ( 2011, Ditty Bops Music).

I am a big fan of harmony, and The Ditty Bops are too.  In fact, their songs are mostly a showcase for harmony, both vocally and musically.  Some of their best songs include “Short Stacks“, “Sister Kate“, “The Next Best Thing”, and “Wishful Thinking“.  While “Short Stacks” is a vocal masterpiece, “Wishful Thinking” goes the extra mile with harmony.  It is a soft and sweet song that is kind of folksy, swingy, and fun to listen to.  The video is pretty fun to watch as well, so be sure to check it out. gives The Ditty Bops our seal of approval.



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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Short Stacks
  • The Next Best Thing
  • Sister Kate

Where They Are From

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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