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No Island
Band Name: No Island
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Keith Sinclair (lead vocals, guitar), James Wilfred Martin (saxophone), Andy Rice (keyboards, vocals), Sara Lauridsen (bass), Mike Ferguson (drums)
Genres: Classic Rock, Jazz, Rock

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The Rundown:  A five-piece rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, No Island is a brilliant mix of Classic Rock and Jazz.  No Island is made up of Keith Sinclair (lead vocals, guitar), James Wilfred Martin (saxophone), Andy Rice (keyboards, vocals), Sara Lauridsen (bass), and Mike Ferguson (drums).  Raised on rock and formally trained in Capilano University’s jazz program, each member of No Island brings his and her own unique contributions to a sound shaped by iconic rock pioneers like Queen, Supertramp and Steely Dan.  Opting for a do-it-yourself approach, they recorded their first album, Sign of the Times, in their weekly rehearsal space between October and November of 2010.

Listening to music is fun.  Listening to music that a band gives you is even more fun.  And when that free music is good, everything just seems to be right with the world.  Although I wasn’t able to find a way to share the entire album, Sign of the Times, with you, trust me when I say it is some good listening.   My favorite songs from their album were Out of the Blue, Too Close to Home (kind of has a Ska sound to it), and Traveller.

Their album gives off a nice feel, whether intentional or not, it almost gives off a vinyl type sound and feeling – minus the pops, clicks, and skips.  This band has definitely got their groove on.  If you like saxophone, ripping guitar solos, and brilliant vocals, No Island is a band you need to check out.  Personally, I love me some sax, and No Island provides plenty of soulful saxophone.

The band sounds like a mix of 70s Classic Rock and Jazz mixed with a bit of modern Rock.  Their album is full of harmonies, intriguing lyrics, keyboards, saxophone, and at times some scratchy, distorted guitars.  By no means is this music that you’ll run around head-banging to or  form a mosh-pit to, but it is some very well crafted music that is super catchy.  Each member of the band is a master of their instrument, specifically Keith Sinclair and his riveting guitar solos, like in the songs Traveller and Out of the Blue.  This guy can straight-up shred on guitar. urges you to check out No Island, a creative, soulful, energetic band that blends genres and makes some really awesome music.  Releasing music independently is a tough task.  Show your support for yet another amazing Canadian band.

Below is a small sample of songs from their album Sign of the Times

Latest tracks by No Island



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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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