Right Away, Great Captain

Band Info
Band Name: Right Away, Great Captain
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia
Year Formed: 2004
Band Members: Andy Hull
Genres: Folk, Indie, Indie Rock





The Rundown:  Andy Hull, the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra, created a side project where he created solo material.  He called his side project Right Away, Great Captain.  Hull started his solo work in 2004, eventually releasing his first of three albums, “The Bitter End“, on his own label (Favorite Gentlemen Recordings) in 2007.  A year later he released the follow up album, “The Eventually Home“, and in 2011 released “The Church of the Good Thief“.  The three albums tell the ongoing saga of a 17th century sailor who catches his wife betraying him with his brother.

Andy Hull makes some pretty awesome music in his trilogy of albums.  It’s not always Rock n’ Roll, as often times it tends to be very quiet, subdued, and contemplative.  Often times his music seems rather sad, which given the subject matter, only makes sense.  Right Away, Great Captain’s sound is acoustic/folk/rock.  Depending on the song and album, the music is played with simple yet complex guitar plucking that will mystify you while you are entranced by the haunting vocals of Andy Hull.

At other times the music is loud, accompanied with electric guitars, drums, and piercing, threatening, angry vocals which again, have a certain element of sorrow to them.

Right Away, Great Captain is music that is soulful.  You’ll never listen to a song and think to yourself, “What is he feeling, what is he trying to say?”.  Andy Hull pretty much lays it all on the line in his simple songs that are filled to the brim with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) word-play and intense lyrics.  MarsBands.com loves Right Away, Great Captain because of the elegant guitar and passionate vocals and strongly recommends that you check it out for yourself.

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Where They Are From

Atlanta, GA, USA

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