Blue Valentines

The Blue Valentines

We were sent a little message about this band on the Tweeter machine (@MarsBands) and told to check them out.  We did so, and we were pretty pleased with their sound.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to come up with any pictures (still waiting for that email, Wily), so here is a bit of background info and their music via ReverbNation.

“The Blue Valentines are a duo featuring Beau Valentino & Kalina D’Amore.  Of Italian descent, but hailing from Paris, France, their music captures the sound of bourbon and candlelight, barbed wire and roses!  Currently living in London, UK having just signed a recording deal with Flaming Hearts Records.” (via ReverbNation bio)

MarsBands Review

I really liked the song Walk Away.  It has a spooky, Blues, perhaps even a hint of Country vibe to it.  The band calls themselves Voodoo Blues, which we think you’ll agree with once you’ve listened to the music.  Honestly, this music sounds like something you’d hear in a Tim Burton movie.  Very, very good stuff.  Enjoy!


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