The Vincent Black Shadow

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The Vincent Black Shadow
Band Name: The Vincent Black Shadow
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Vancouver, Canada
Year Formed: 2003
Band Members: Nikki Hurst, Rob Kirkham, Anthony Kirkham, Chris Kirkham
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock










The Rundown:  The Vincent Black Shadow, from Vancouver, Canada, is a band that got started in 2003 consisting of Cassandra Ford, pictured above, and brothers Rob, Anthony, and Chris Kirkham.  The Vincent Black Shadow have released two studio albums: “Fears in the Water” (2006) and “El Monstruo” (2010).  In 2010 Cassandra wanted to go back to school, paving the way for Nikki Hurst to come in and ruin the band.

I have known about The Vincent Black Shadow for a while and despite even being on FUSE years ago, they are still mostly unknown.  When the band was fronted by lead singer Cassandra Ford from 2003 to 2010, The Vincent Black Shadow was pretty good.  They had some good songs like “Metro” and “Letters to No One“.  Both were some Rocky/Poppy songs that are pretty unique.

And I’ll be honest, the band kinda sucks now.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the singer sucks or if it’s just because it’s not Cassandra, but the new stuff isn’t really something I would even recommend to a deaf person.  So if you go exploring this band, stay with their earlier stuff (2009 and before).  As long as you do that you will be a happy camper. is a fan of the old Vincent Black Shadow with Cassandra Ford and you should be too.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Letters to No One

Where They Are From

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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