The Stamps

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The Stamps
Band Name: The Stamps
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Ashland, OR, USA
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Robbie Lindauer, Joey Capezza, Jeff Stanley, Sam Sturgeon
Genres: Americana, Rock, Rockabilly











The Stamps Background Info

The Stamps formed in 2009 to make silly and serious, sweet and sour, american, punk and jazz – rock and roll. We succeeded, yay. Grammy nominated Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Robbie Lindauer is joined by the amazing Jeff Stanley, bassist Joey Capezza and drummer/percussionist Sam Sturgeon with occasional appearances by Matthew Kriemelman. (via Reverbnation)

MarsBands Review

The Stamps are, apparently, labeled as Rock, Rockabilly and Americana.  Don’t be fooled, however.  This isn’t the kind of Rockabilly you’ll get with Koffin Kats or The HorrorPops.  No sir.  This is something altogether different.  Dare I say… better?  Whereas Koffin Kats and HorrorPops are more of a Punkish Rockabilly, The Stamps are more of a Rock Rockabilly.

The Stamps have a very unique sound, one that I’m not quite sure I’ve heard before, especially when I listened to Truckstop Tragedy.  Then when I listened to I Want You Forever, I got a kind of throwback to music from yesteryear.  I don’t really know what yesteryear is supposed to mean, but what I mean is that I Want You Forever has a kind of retro sound to it.  I can’t really pinpoint a certain era/genre but I think that is partly what makes the song so enticing.  It sounds and feels familiar, but you can’t quite place your finger on it.

Robbie Lindauer’s vocals are a unique and integral part to the music.  Without his special brand of vocals, I’m not sure the music would be as exciting as it is.  Now that I really stop and think about it, he kind of sounds like Jack White.  Maybe a little more than kind of.  And that’s pretty cool, because Jack has an awesome sound.

If you’re in the mood for some music that you probably have never heard anything like before, give The Stamps a listen and be amazed!  Don’t forget to share with your friends!

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Where They Are From

Ashland, OR 97520, USA


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