Band Info
Band Name: The Horrorpops
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year Formed: 1996
Band Members: Patricia Day, Kim Nekroman, Henrik Niedermeier
Genres: Pop, Pop Punk, Punk







The Rundown:  Emerging from the music scene of Copenhagen, Denmark, HorrorPops are a Punk/Ska band, but officially the band doesn’t want to be tied down by a genre.  Formed in 1996 HorrorPops are made up of eccentric members Patricia Day, Kim Nekroman, and Henrik Niedermeier, this band will rock your world.  HorrorPops have released threee studio albums: “Hell Yeah!” (2004), “Bring It On!” (2005), and “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” (2008).

The band got their start in 1996 when Patricia Day’s former band, Peanut Pump Gun, broke up.  Patricia met Kim Nekroman and the two decided to form a band.   Originally the band was a four piece, having two guitarists in Nekroman and Caz the Clash, but in 2003 Caz became a father and left the band to devote more time to his family.


HorrorPops are not a band that you’ll hear on any mainstream American radio station.  They are some pretty tough cookies who make some pretty amazing music.  Some of their songs that you definitely need to check out are “Drama Queen“, “It’s Been So Long“, “Who’s Leading You Now“, and “Psychobitches Outta Hell“.  If you like Rock music or Punk music, then you’ll like HorrorPops.  You have the MarsBands.com guarantee.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Drama Queen
  • It's Been So Long
  • Who's Leading You Now

Where They Are From

Copenhagen, Denmark

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