Band Info
Band Name: Cable35
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Malta, Republic of Malta
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Jeffrey Zerafa (Guitar & Vox), Kriz Zahra (Bass & Vox), Chris Mallia (Drums)
Genres: Grunge, Indie Rock, Punk






The Rundown:  The first ever band from The Republic of Malta to be featured on, Cable35 is an amazing Grunge/Indie/Punk/Rock band that got started in 2006.  Cable35 has a nice sound that reminds me a lot, at times, of Nirvana and even The Offspring.  And it’s not like they are intentionally trying to rip off Nirvana or Offspring, I hope.  Fortunately, when explored further, Cable35 sounds completely different from two of the greatest band of the 90s.  And when I say completely different, I mean that in a good way.

Cable35 were in Liverpool and Birmingham, England in 2007, Copenhagen Demark in 2008, Italy, Belgium and England in 2009 and Birmingham in 2010. They then toured Europe in 2011, playing in Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the UK.  Some of my favorite songs from Cable35 are Harry, Cow Head, and Animal Rules.  You can check out some more of their songs on their Facebook Page.

It’s always nice to come across a band like this.  It’s quite refreshing.  Cable35 is very, very 90s, very Punk/Grunge.  Lots of scratchy power-chords, fast and sharp drums, and quick bass riffs.  If you like Nirvana, you will almost certainly like this band.  Very cool. gives them two thumbs up because they sound awesome.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Cow Head
  • Memories
  • Saturated
  • Wasted Away
  • Boogie Man
  • Harry
  • Beautiful Story

Where They Are From


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