Bridget Bone

Band Info
Bridget Bone
Band Name: Bridget Bone
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Birkirkara, Malta
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Karl Gauci - Vox/Guitar, Andrew Francica - Guitar, Bertram Cachia - Backing Vox/Bass, Julian Borg - Drums
Genres: Grunge, Rock







Bridget Bone Background Info

Having broken into the local scene only a couple of months ago, Bridget Bone is a relatively young, 4 peice band. The idea to form the band came back in 2007 when Julian Borg (Drums) and Karl Gauci (Vocals & Guitars) came up with the idea to form an alternative rock band.

The idea came during an open air gig at Ta’ Qali. Neither of them played instruments and after 3 months Karl had started to play the guitar and a year after Julian had started the drums. After some time they contacted Keith Sammut and he decided to join them as a guitarist. Their search for a fourth member inevitably led them to long time close friend, Bertram, who joined the band as bassist. (via the Bridget Bone Facebook Page)

MarsBands Review

I knew Canada had some awesome music.  I knew the UK was also full of great music.  And I have been fortunate enough to find some pretty good music from the US.  But I am suddenly realizing that Malta seems to be a hotbed for awesome music, as well (see: Cable35). Bridget Bone is another Maltese Rock band that I am very pleased to present to you today for your listening pleasure.

Drawing on influences like AC/DC, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, and Wolfmother, Bridget Bone is a brilliant mix of Rock and Grunge with, at times, a hint of Pop.  Bridget Bone has an exhilarating sound which makes for some really good songs that will likely leave you longing for more, just like they did to me.

The band also lists The Hives as one of their influences, and in Jackie the Stripper and Monkey Role you can certainly hear some of that influence.  And while I do not particularly enjoy The Hives, I do enjoy me some Bridget Bone.  According to their Facebook page they are currently working on some new material, so be sure to check back here or on their page to hear some new stuff when it comes out.

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Where They Are From

Birkirkara, Malta

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