The Hudsons

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The Hudsons
Band Name: The Hudsons
Official Website:
Origin: Austin, Texas, United States
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Brian Hudson, Hudson Mueller, Leah Zeger
Genres: Acoustic, Folk









The Rundown:  Since 2005, The Hudsons are Austin, Texas’ best “unknown” band.  Made up of the Hudsons, Brian Hudson and Hudson Mueller, and Leah Zeger, this Folk trio is something really special.  Even if it were just Brian and Hudson, this band would be amazing purely because of the quality of each song.  But when you add Leah Zeger the songs take on a whole new dynamic.

Leah does two things really well with The Hudsons: She provides some amazing backing vocals and she provides some amazing violin playing.  Leah adds another fantastic dynamic to the band, and when all three members are rockin’ out at the same time, it is pure heaven to the ears.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the song “Money Goes to the Man“.

The song starts off with a quiet, rapid plucking of an acoustic guitar and the soft singing of Hudson Mueller which is then abruptly interrupted with a more forceful strumming of two guitars and the entrance of the violin.  All three members of The Hudsons are using their amazing vocals in this song.

The harmonies are simply amazing.  What’s more is that this song is done live.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, VIOLIN SOLO!  The song ends with some more ear-popping harmonies between the three of them and then finishes off with a straining, emotion filled “oh”.

Other songs that you should check out by this Folk trio are “Green Man” (which Hudson Mueller labels a Folk-Rap), “Dead Men Tell No Tales“, and a wonderful song called “I Want to be the Guy From Stories“.  The Hudsons’ music is fantastic because it’s such good, quality music that kind of slaps you in the face and says, “HEY! We’re The Hudsons, dammit!  Listen up!”. says, “Hey, these are The Hudsons, dammit! Listen to them!”.  They are simply amazing. 

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Green Man
  • I Want to be the Guy From Stories

Where They Are From

Austin, TX, USA

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