The Freuds

Band Info
The Freuds
Band Name: The Freuds
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Marsa, Malta
Year Formed: 2004
Band Members: Sven Bonnici (Bass & Vocals), Wenzu (Drums), Bert (Guitar & Backing vocals)
Genres: Indie Rock, Rock







The Freuds Background Info

The Freuds is a Maltese band that is based in Marsa. Their main influences are Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll and modern Indie & Alternative rock. The band is made up of: Sven Bonnici – vocals/bass Albert Xiberras – guitar/vocal Laurent Farrugia – drums

All three members of the band attended the same secondary school and it was there that their first musical encounters took place. They played together in the fall of 2004, with Sven on guitar and Albert filled in as a drummer. Laurent eventually replaced Albert as drummer because being a year older Albert had left the school earlier.

Having gone through a number of line-ups, names, musical styles and minor gigs between 2005 and 2007, Albert re-joined in 2007 when the band was in the process of re building itself. The main focus was to jam and experiment with different musical styles mostly Blues, psychedelic and classic rock.

In 2008, the line-up was established and a new name was decided one night during practice when Albert complained about how he had to study different people among which was Sigmund Freud, to which Sven responded with the idea for the name being The Freuds. (via The Freuds Facebook Page)

MarsBands Review

Ok, so, I will admit that I was unable to gather much information on this band.  And that is because they may actually have broken up.  As I searched for information I came across another blog that was touting a band called Errormantics.  And when I read about that band, they mentioned Sven Bonnici as the guitarist for that band calling him the “ex The Fredus”.  So The Freuds either went another direction by getting a new singer or the band fell apart.

And unfortunately I was only able to find the one song, Out of Time, anywhere on the interwebs.  I read about them having other songs, but I was unable to locate those other songs.  But if you find yourself a little curious, you should definitely check out their song Out of Time because it is good.  


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