The Cinematics

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The Cinematics
Band Name: The Cinematics
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Glasgow, Scotland
Year Formed: 2003-2011
Band Members: Scott Rinning (vocals and guitar), Larry Reid (lead guitar), Adam Goemans (bass) and Ross Bonney (drums)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock








The Rundown:  The Cinematics, who formed in 2003 and then ultimately closed up shop in 2011, were an Alternative Rock band from Scotland, consisting of Scott Rinning (vocals and guitar), Larry Reid (lead guitar), Adam Goemans (bass) and Ross Bonney (drums).

The Cinematics released two studio albums,

Five singles,
  • “Chase” (2005)
  • “Break” (2006)
  • “Keep Forgetting” (2007)
  • “Love and Terror” (2009)
  • “New Mexico” (2009)
and three EPs
  • Break EP (2006)
  • Live Sessions EP (2007)
  • Silent Scream EP (2010)
before eventually splitting up in 2011.
The Cinematics were a very good band that had a very unique sound.  Alternative Rock is just a very simple, vague description of their sound.  Their music was certainly Rock, but it also had kind of a dreamy sound to it as well.  At times they reminded me at bit of Coldplay, Bloc Party, and U2 mixed together.  Can you imagine such a sound?  Well, you don’t have to, just listen to the music presented to you. recommends you check out The Cinematics, even if they have broken up.  They still have good music out there for you to listen to.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Maybe Someday
  • Love and Terror
  • A Strange Education

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