Band Info
Band Name: Cruz
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America
Year Formed:
Band Members: Enrico Minelli (vocals), Filipe Pampuri (guitar), Rafael Kumelys (guitar), Daniel Pampuri (drums), Jose Rondo (bass)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Rock






The Rundown:
  Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil – five friends have joined forces to form Cruz, a soulful rock band with a modern edge. Their first album was put together in a week at Daniel and Filipe’s studio in Brazil. The band completed their initial recordings, packed their bags and traveled all the way to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving, the members of Cruz impressed Jay Baumgardner with their talent, energy and sound. They were signed to his label and management company, Jolt Artists and have been recording their new album in the famed NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood over the last year.

Cruz is currently playing live at several venues around LA as they complete the album and are looking forward to traveling throughout the US for a 2011 summer/fall tour. [from the band’s website]

When you listen to Cruz, be ready to rock out.  This isn’t your dad’s rock, this is Hard Rock.  Crus is straining, angry sounding vocals mixed with loud, fierce guitars, chest thumping bass, and snarling drums complete with awesome guitar solos.

One way to define Cruz’s sound is to imagine Puddle of Mudd had a baby with Stone Temple Pilots.  Cruz, at times, kind of sounds like both of those bands, but with their own twist.  If you are a fan of Hard Rock, strongly suggests you check out this amazing band.  

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Where They Are From

Sao Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil

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