Sweet Nothings

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Sweet Nothings
Band Name: Sweet Nothings
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Year Formed: 1999
Band Members: Ryan, Jim, Hugh, Kyle, Joe
Genres: Punk


The Rundown:  The Sweet Nothings, from La Crosse, Wisconsin, were formed in 1999 and is made up of Ryan Bott (Lead Voice/Guitar), Jim Heiderscheit (Drums), Hugh Rose (Bass/Backup Voice), Kyle Viner (Guitar) and Joe Viner (Keyboards/Backup Voice).  A Punk band that really rocks, The Sweet Nothings remind me a little bit of The Offspring.

After a somewhat elongated hiatus from the music world, The Sweet Nothings returned, reformed, and  reworked.  The band released its debut EP, Lust For Fun, in 2002 . In 2005 the band self-released their full-length debut, Broken Chords And Bleeding Hearts.  The Sweet Nothings have played shows with bands like Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects, Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack and more.

Melody is a big deal with this band, which takes a backseat only harmony.  The Sweet Nothings are full of treble heavy guitars that scratch are your ears.  Accompanying those guitars are some fast-paced, intense drumming and pounding bass.  MarsBands.com suggests that you check out The Sweet Nothings, as they might just become one your your favorites.  If you’d like to hear more of their music, check out their Facebook page.

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Other Songs to Check Out

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Where They Are From

La Crosse, WI, USA

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