King Lollipop

Band Info
King Lollipop
Band Name: King Lollipop
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Year Formed:
Band Members: Cody Blanchard
Genres: Alternative, Lo-Fi, Surf Pop








The Rundown:  King Lollipop, a Surf Pop band originating from Portland, Oregon, features Cody Blanchard.  King Lollipop has released one album, Woodland Whoopee Songs of Ol’ Callowhee, which is available from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in cassette form and should be coming in vinyl form soon.  Cody Blanchard also makes up one-half of the band Shannon and the Clams.

King Lollipop sounds like a throw-back to 60s Surf Pop.  It’s a very refreshing sound in today’s musical world, and a fun one at that.  Cody has a scratchy, somewhat abrasive sounding voice that is contrasted brilliantly by the easy-going nature of the acoustic sound of King Lollipop’s music.  

I couldn’t find more than two videos on YouTube, but if you want to hear more from King Lollipop, check out their Facebook page. thinks King Lollipop has a wonderful sound reminiscent of the days when music was fun, new, and unique.  We definitely think this is music you need to hear.

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Where They Are From

Portland, OR, USA

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