The Invisible

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The Invisible
Band Name: The Invisible
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London, United Kingdom
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert, Leo Taylor
Genres: Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz








The Rundown:  The Invisible are a Rock/Experimental Rock band from London, England.  Formed in 2006 as a solo project by Dave Okumu, the project quickly turned into a band that included Dave, and his friends Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor.  The Invisible has released 5 singles and one album:


  • Constant/Passion (2007)
  • Monster’s Waltz (2008)
  • London Girl (2008)
  • OK (2009)
  • Come Together (cover of The Beatles) (2009)
  • The Invisible (2009)
The Invisibles are a pleasant mix of Rock and Jazz and even a little Blues.  They tend to have a rather unconventional sound in regards to their Rock music, explaining their “Experimental” tag.  The music they make is very Jazzy which comes from Dave Okumu’s longtime affiliation with London Jazz.  Dave has the perfect voice for the Jazz/Rock music the band makes.  If Jazz is your thing, then suggests you check out The Invisible.
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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Baby Doll
  • OK
  • London Girl
  • Spiral

Where They Are From

Westminster, London, UK

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