Joy Valencia

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Joy Valencia
Band Name: Joy Valencia
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Joy Valencia
Genres: Alternative, Indie






Joy Valencia Background Info

Nearly all the information you need to know about Joy you can get by listening to this interview.

MarsBands Review

One of the greatest things about Independent musicians is just that – their independence.  They are unafraid to take on the challenges of being a musician without the backing from the fat-cats of mainstream radio.  They don’t want their art being diminished, subdued, or restricted in any way.  Joy Valencia is a shining example of that.  Here is a little excerpt from an interview with Escape Magazine that I found on her website and wanted to share with you.  When asked why she is an Independent artist, this was her response:

Freedom. Creative control. In a way, I’m trying to protect this project from too much outside influence. I want to see my full artistic vision all the way through from start to finish. There is no “wrong” in art, it’s all opinions. This is my expression. My focus is not money, it’s about being authentic. It’s about having fun. It’s about passion. It’s so fulfilling! (

Not sure there could be a better answer than that.  It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside knowing that there are still people out there who have pride in what they do and present to the world.  It makes me happy to see people remembering that music is art.  For that, I applaud Joy.  She is making music for the right reasons, and she has MarsBands’ support!  I really can’t explain to you how happy I am to read her response.  If you check out our “About” page, you’ll see we said the same thing.  We want to remind people that music IS art and Joy’s music is a perfect example of that.

Joy Valencia’s music is infectiously catchy and mesmerizing.  At times I kind of get an April Smith vibe from her, especially her song Wallet.  A lot of her music is sort of like storytelling in that I found myself hanging on every brilliant and intelligent lyric she sang.

Joy Valencia’s music also gives off a positive vibe, much the way Aoede‘s music does.  Joy is a brilliant artist, first and foremost, who just so happens to make her art in the music form.  You can tell she’s an artist first by the way she crafts the songs.  It’s not willy-nilly or happenstance.  Her songs, while seemingly so carefree and simple, have a great deal of thought and passion in them.

I’m a big fan of Don’t Wake the Lion, as it was catchy, Poppy, and incredibly entrancing.  It has some brilliant harmony, a great beat and Joy’s whispering singing style drew me in rather quickly.  I also really liked Wallet.  So be sure to check those two songs out as you listen to the rest of the songs below via ReverbNation.

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Where They Are From

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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