Love and a .38

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Love and a .38
Band Name: Love and a .38
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: West Hollywood, CA, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Ryan Hudson(Vocals)*Danny Excess(Drums)*Domo Domaracki(Guitar)*Justin Emord(Bass)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Rock





 Love and a .38 Background Info

Love and a .38 is not to be trusted. This four piece hard rock band from Los Angeles has given rock- starved fans something to get excited about. They’ve crafted a sound that is both familiar yet fresh, blending growling guitars with catchy, emotionally powered vocals. Fueled by instinct and driven by desire, they have written songs that fans from across the rock spectrum can get behind… 

They have been dubbed by various industry figures as ‘the hardest working current band from Los Angeles’. Their social media interaction is second to none, which continues to generate a global mass of not just followers, but dedicated fans that find themselves interacting with band members on a daily basis. (via ReverbNation)


MarsBands Review

Wow.  Just, wow.

I was sure that Dead Sara was going to save Rock and Roll.  I’m not so sure anymore.  Apparently they are going to have some big time competition.  Love and a .38 is Rock – pure, unadulterated, face-melting, loud, powerful Rock.  Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Steven Tyler joined up with the boys from AC/DC?  Wonder no longer!  That unprecedented mix would be Love and a .38.  This band oozes badassery.

These guys hit every mark on my checklist for great bands, and they are Independent!  With a sound like this these guys could have sold out long ago and been kings of the world by now!  If you are still reading this and haven’t started listening to Love and a .38’s music yet – stop.  Just stop reading and start listening to the music.  Then come back and start reading again.

My God where do I begin?  The vocals are unreal.  Ryan Hudson will shred you apart with his other-worldly, powerful voice.  He has been smiled upon favorably by the Rock gods, that’s for sure!  His intensity is what throws it over the top for me.  I can only imagine it must hurt to Rock that hard.  Love the way he screams.  Some people just come preloaded with Rocking hardware, and Ryan certainly has one of the best male voices I’ve heard in years.  Check out the live video above for proof.

And the guitar work, oooh the guitar work is magnificent!  Everything about this band screams Rock!  They have amazing guitar solos that will make you want to hear them over and over again.  The guitars are heavy, they’re hard, they’re scratchy – they are everything you’d expect from a Rock band AND MORE.

The drums and bass round out the ensemble of awesome.  The drums are great.  As a former drummer, I always like to play the air drums because that’s when I’m at my best.  But when I try to play air drums along with Love and a .38 I can’t do it!  The drums are just too good, too quick, and too badass.  The bass is what you’d expect from a band that Rocks this hard – chest thumping goodness that will leave you bruised and battered, and coming back for more.

To be quite honest, Love and a .38 has me a little spoiled right now.  And they just ruined the curve for the rest of the bands.  The bar has just been set so much higher.  Damn this is some good music!  And to top it all off, they interact with their fans.  I sent a Tweet at them (@Loveanda38) and even got a response.  That’s how you make and keep fans.  Old School Rock with a New School technology twist.  Genius!

Check out the music from Love and a .38 below via ReverbNation.  My favorites were Lovely Lies, Rock ‘n Lola, and Shots at Sunset.  They’re all great songs, but those were my favorites.

*DISCLAIMER* MarsBands is not responsible for buying you new pants after you shit the ones you’re in.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Rock 'n Lola

Where They Are From

West Hollywood, CA, USA

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