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In Cahoots
Band Name: In Cahoots
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Mercer Island, WA, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Christina Cramer, Chris Winters, Rich Huston, Dave Crossett
Genres: Alternative, Indie Rock, Pop Rock






 In Cahoots Background Info

Discovering a band that churns out songs so catchy and infectious that the choruses get stuck in your head for days is diamond-rare, and Seattle, Washington’s In Cahoots is exactly that kind of gem of a band. In Cahoots, with their crushing guitar riffs, down-tempo melodies, and soaring, golden vocals, is the real deal. They hit sweet spots with energy to spare, blanket crowds with fuzzy tones, and uplift with expert songwriting that transports those lucky enough to catch them onstage to an exalted place (via ReverbNation)

MarsBands Review

My oh my what a treat In Cahoots is!  Although I am partial to female-fronted bands, I can say with no uncertainty that this band is freaking awesome.  I have literally been listening to their music on repeat for the past day and a half.  And to think I came upon them happenstance!  Color me lucky!  And how awesome of a name is In Cahoots!?

In Cahoots has an elegant blend of some of my favorite things.  For starters, the harmony in their songs in incredibly unique.  It’s not your typical harmony – it’s better.  The notes they choose to blend aren’t typical and for whatever reason sounds so incredible to me, specifically their song Got It All.  I’ve never quite heard a band sound like that before.  And while I can’t say that In Cahoots sounds like any band in particular that I’ve ever heard, they certainly do give off a 90s type vibe to many of their songs.

Christina Cramer’s voice is simply magical.  I’ve heard a lot of bands and many of them have excellent singers, but those singers aren’t singing in the right type of music.  For example, you could have the Rockiest of Rock bands but if their lead singer was singing opera or something, it just wouldn’t sound right.  Christina Cramer’s voice and the music that In Cahoots makes is a perfect fit.  I love it when so many great things come together all at once.  And just to prove that she is a great singer and not just a product of good mixing, check out the live video above.

And the amazing vocals/harmony is only part of the equation of excellence that is In Cahoots.  I am rather partial to the guitars.  They are heavy and distorted, but not over-the-top distorted.  It’s almost like a 50s Rock distortion, or perhaps a little heavier than what The Coasts use in some of their songs.  Yes, you can still Rock out even if the guitars aren’t crazy distorted.

The drums are pretty spiffy as well.  Drummer Dave Crossett doesn’t use the same old tired out drum beats.  Each song has a uniqueness about the beats that really adds to the overall appeal of the band.  The beats a quick, very snappy and high-tempo.  This group of highly skilled musicians have a lot going for them, and I’d be willing to bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future.  They are too good and too talented to stay flying under the radar for much longer.  Until then, they’ll be our little secret.

Give In Cahoots a listen and tell me what your favorite song is of theirs.  I was kind of torn about my favorite song.  I really, really liked the harmony of Got It All, but I also really liked Rock and Roll Uniform.  *Side note – Before I actually looked at the title of the song, I could have swore she was singing “I want a Rock and Rock unicorn”.  Which would have been equally awesome.  Anyway… Check out In Cahoots and enjoy the greatness!

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Where They Are From

Mercer Island, WA, USA

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