The Briefs

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The Briefs
Band Name: The Briefs
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year Formed: 2000
Band Members: Steve E. Nix, Chris Brief, Steve Kicks, Daniel J. Travanti
Genres: Punk, Rock



The Rundown:   From Seattle, Washington, USA, The Briefs are a Punk Rock band formed in 2000. The band includes members Steve E. Nix, Chris Brief, Steve Kicks, and Daniel J. Travanti. The band has released the following material:

Not gonna lie, I am quite fond of Punk, assuming it is done correctly.  The Briefs know their Punk, and make some super kick-ass music.  Fast, scratchy guitars with fast-paced drumming accented by driving bass riffs is just the basics of any good Punk band, and The Briefs provide plenty of that, and then some.

The Briefs are a fantastic example of a band capable of rockin’ out and distributing a message at the same time.  Many of their songs, aside from being some of the best straight-up Punk music I’ve heard in a long time, provide listeners with a message, like their song We Americans.  It’s subtle, but I bet you can pick up on it.

That’s not to say that all of their songs are deep, meaningful and introspective.  Sometimes you just feel like making a song about socks and shoes, like their song New Shoes.  But even some of those ‘off the cuff’ songs that don’t make any apparent sense sound amazing.  I really can’t say enough good things about this band. suggests to check them out, especially if you enjoy yourself some amazingly well done Punk.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Orange Alert
  • New Shoes
  • Come Dancing
  • Razorblade Heart
  • Criminal Youth

Where They Are From

Seattle, WA, USA

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