Band Info
Band Name: Fences
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Christopher Mansfield (Guitars/Vocals), Jonathan Warman (Electric Guitar/Keys), Terry Mattson (Bass Guitar/Keys), Sean T. Lane (Drums/Percussion)
Genres: Folk, Indie


Fences Background Info

From Seattle, Washington, Fences is a four-piece band made up of members Christopher Mansfield (Guitars/Vocals), Jonathan Warman (Electric Guitar/Keys), Terry Mattson (Bass Guitar/Keys), and Sean T. Lane (Drums/Percussion).  Lead singer Christopher Mansfield teamed up with Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara to release his debut self-titled album in 2010.  In 2009 Fences released an EP called The Ultimate Puke.

MarsBands Review

Fences reminds me a bit of Right Away Great Captain in that the music that is made tends to be incredibly heartfelt and intensely deep.  Christopher Mansfield doesn’t hold back in his lyrics, often times cussing in his songs.  But unlike other musicians, Christopher does it in a way that truly fits the sound and feel of the song.  While some might say it is unwarranted, I feel it adds to the overall character of the songs and the band.

Fences’ music is largely acoustic, though it is also accompanied and backed up with electric guitar.   Christopher Mansfield has an exceptionally good voice, and his music is definitely worth listening to.  The music isn’t loud Rock and Roll.  It is quieter and more subdued.  MarsBands.com recommends that you check out Fences.  We are nearly certain that you will like it.

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Where They Are From

Seattle, WA, USA

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