The Coasts

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The Coasts
Band Name: The Coasts
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Little Rock, AR/Lebanon, OH
Year Formed:
Band Members: Eric Mount, Ike Peters
Genres: Rock











The Coasts Background Info

We’re an all-guy band. (via Facebook)

MarsBands Review

The Coasts create music that has a wonderfully simple, retro feel to it.  You won’t find any guitar shredding or crazy insane drumming.  Instead, you’ll hear music that turns the clock back a bit, to the 50s or 60s – minus the DooWop.  (If you’re looking for DooWop, check out The Bandana Splits.)  The Coasts’ Rock and Roll sound is reminiscent of some of the all time great Rockers.  Honestly, some of The Coasts’ songs, especially Hard-Working Man, makes me think of Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs’ song Little Red Riding Hood – not so much in the lyrics or voice, but the guitar, vibe, and overall sound.

Sometimes they’ll use a clean guitar and wow you with simple, short, clever riffs.  Other times they’ll add some distortion to their guitar and get just a little edgy.  There’s even piano, banjo, some type of horns (I’m assuming trumpet but that’s purely speculation), and saxophone.  An amalgamation of a little bit of everything.  But The Coasts aren’t going to wow you with all kinds of bells and whistles like some other bands and artists might try to do (though, Like The Prophets Do does have whistling in it).

Instead, you will be amazed how some simple drum beats and guitar riffs can create songs so complex, melodious, and addictive.  This is not music you hear too often, unless you are old enough to remember when this type of music was all over the radio.  Seriously, keep a calendar near by when you listen to The Coasts, you might forget it’s 2012.

And OK, fine, I’ll say it.  Sometimes – on some of the songs – The Coasts remind me of The White Stripes if The White Stripes had a more retro, 60s type sound.  But for my money, I like The Coasts’ sound better than The White Stripes.  That’s all I’m going to say about that, and I’m sorry I had to mention it, but it’s undeniable.

Treat your ears to some amazing music – give The Coasts a listen.  You will be happy you did.  I promise.

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