Julie Schurr

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Julie Schurr
Band Name: Julie Schurr
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Year Formed:
Band Members: Julie Schurr
Genres: Acoustic, Folk











Julie Schurr Background Info

For the past 4 years, Julie Schurr has been performing her nitty gritty interactive style of acoustic music for LGBT and mixed audiences across the country, gaining attention from not only the community at large but also Curve, Sirius OutQ’s “Derek and Romaine”, The Lesbian Lounge, Seattle Lesbian, and countless other LGBT & college radio stations. Julie’s unique fusion of comedy and hard folk keep festival and bar goers alike on the edges of their seats; each show is both brutally real and decisively different. (bio from ReverbNation)

MarsBands Review

Julie Schurr is funny, honest, and genuine.  Her music is beautiful.  Her message is stark and distinct.  And that may be too much to handle for some people.  She’s quite literally the best of both worlds.  You get the soft sounds and overpowering emotion present in her songs, such as Drowning, and then you get the brutal, often overlooked truth with just as much emotion in songs like Boi in the Girl’s Room.  A lot of people don’t like to talk about things that are uncomfortable.  Julie is not a lot of people.

She admits it herself, she plays some “dirty songs”.  Sure, perhaps there is a more politically correct way for her to spread her message, but being PC doesn’t always resonate with some people.  Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the ass, which is what Julie’s music is.  Give Julie Schurr a listen – we think you’ll like her.

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Where They Are From

St Louis, MO, USA

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