The Lost Scoundrels

Band Info
The Lost Scoundrels
Band Name: The Lost Scoundrels
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Indiana or Kentucky
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Meghan Julius (Vocals/Guitar), Erica Sellers (Guitar/ Backup Vocals), Angela Lese (Drums)
Genres: Grunge, Punk Rock, Rock






The Lost Scoundrels Background Info

“…these ladies are ready to kick some ass and bring back the tight sounds of The Breeders, Bikini Kill, Bangs (I promise the are not all bands that begin with the letter “b”) the amps, and so on.  In the coming months The Lost Scoundrels will be releasing a 3 song EP and be playing as many shows as possible.  So stay tuned for music updates, show updates and support a band that genuinely has a rebellious attitude mixed with a passion for music.” (via ReverbNation bio)

MarsBands Review

Good news music lovers!  The Lost Scoundrels have made lots of new music that is super awesome and you should listen to it!  Also, if the other members of the band are even half as cool as Erica, this could very easily end up being my new favorite band.

I had a nice chat with Erica Sellers from The Lost Scoundrels and suddenly there are all kinds of new songs available for your listening pleasure!  Erica is a very likable creature, and what makes me hopeful for the future of music is the fantastic mindset she has and her views towards music:

It isn’t like I’m in a band to be huge . If people like us then that is awesome, and if people don’t I understand, there are a million other bands out there to like. We play to prove a point and to have fun and to show that you don’t have to look like a groupie on stage playing bass to get people out to your shows. Just be yourselves, have fun with it and keep your egos in check. Whatever happens happens, we are just here along for the ride. (Erica Sellers)

Just along for the ride – and making some pretty kick ass music in the process.  The thing that makes The Lost Scoundrels even more amazing is that they are creating this music long-distance.

The first impression I got when I heard the song Katie was The Breeders mixed with The Rentals.  It has the deep, grumbly guitar sound to accompany a “ooooo-wooo-ooo-oooo”.  And the lead singer, Meghan Julius, has an awesome voice that she shows off a bit more towards the end of the song.  But now that there are more songs to sample, I’m not so sure that those comparisons still hold true.  The Lost Scoundrels might have small bits and pieces of their music that sounds like other bands, but overall this is some incredibly unique and fantastic music.

I especially love the way these girls make excellent use of song volumes.  In pretty much all the songs by The Lost Scoundrels there are quiet parts and there are louder parts.  It’s like a constant build-up and release.  It’s like being teased over and over and you keep coming back for more.  So listen to the new songs below – I bet you’ll like them.  My favorite song is Queen of Deception.  It is basically a rather quiet and subdued song up until the end.  Then all hell breaks loose as Meghan gets rather angry sounding.  She sounds awesome when she’s pissed.  Plus, it starts off with “you stupid bitch”.  I was immediately hooked.

This. Is. Awesome. Music.  Get ready for an epic 3 song EP early next year.  Also, check out the short interview Erica Sellers did with Mars.

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