The Kiara Elles

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The Kiara Elles
Band Name: The Kiara Elles
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Leeds, UK
Year Formed: 2006?
Band Members: Chiara Lucchini (Vocals), Jonny Lee Hart (Guitar), Emma Quick (Bass) Amy Greir (Keyboards, Synths and Backing Vocals), Dan Stretton (Drums)
Genres: ElectroPop, Indie, Indie Rock






The Rundown:  It really takes a lot of the fun out of telling you about an awesome band when the band is no longer active.  The Kiara Elles officially announced the end of their band in 2010.  Their music was awesome, as it was a mix of Pop, Electro, and Indie.  In some ways they reminded me a little bit of The Start.

The Kiara Elles was from Leeds, UK.  I’m saying they started in 2006 but I am not at all sure about that.  I’m basing that on the fact that their MySpace page was started then.  Based on what I have heard from them, this band was awesome and had a lot of potential.  I’m not alone in that belief, as there was a lot of good things said and written about this band by Music News Scotland, Huw Stephens Radio 1, and Chris Martin NME Radio.

Information about The Kiara Elles is hard to come by, but from what I could tell they have released one album, “Slide Over” which had several really good songs on it like Laser Shot, Odio, Rust, and The Bet.  The Kiara Elles was fronted by singer Chiara Lucchini, and supported by Jonny Lee Hart (Guitar), Emma Quick (Bass) Amy Greir (Keyboards, Synths and Backing Vocals), Dan Stretton (Drums).

The music is definitely Poppy, but not too much.  That Pop is combined with some Electro and Indie and perhaps even a little Punk at times.  The guitars are sharp and quick.  The vocals match the guitar with their sharp and quick delivery. thinks you should know about this band even though their music is all that remains of them.  That’s the silver lining to every great band that has broken up – the music stays with us.  Check out this band and pay your respects.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Laser Shot
  • The Bet
  • Rust

Where They Are From

Leeds, UK

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