Troubadour Dali

Band Info
Troubadour Dali
Band Name: Troubadour Dali
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Ben Hinn, Kevin Bachmann, Drew Bailey, Benjamin Marsh, Andy Kahn
Genres: Indie, Psychedelic






Troubadour Dali Background Info

An American rock n’roll band, formed in 2005, from Saint Louis, MO that subsumes hypnotic grooves, thick space fuzz guitar hooks, and potent noise freak-outs, forged with lush vocal harmonies and driving rhythms that evoke your third-eye shockra to bona fide visions of yore.

After receiving local and regional acclaim from their debut self-titled release, and sophomore release, Let’s Make It Right, on Euclid Records, the band is back in the studio (tracking to 2″ tape), and will be touring throughout 2012 in support of their upcoming release. (via Troubadour Dali’s Facebook Page)

MarsBands Review

Well I must say, after finding this band, hearing their music, and then checking out some of their live videos, I was pretty impressed.  And then I went to do some research on the band, and I stumbled across an article (which I won’t link to) that wasn’t very, let’s say, optimistic, about Troubadour Dali.  In fact, the article was downright mean.  And it even made me question whether my taste in music was as refined as I like to think it is.  So after reading the article and doubting the author, the band, and my instincts, I went to listen to the music again.  I enjoyed it.  Nay-sayers be damned!

Troubadour Dali is an excellent band with a fantastic sound.  Their live music sounds great.  Granted, I’ve never actually been to one of their shows (though that is likely to change), but I was able to watch a few videos of them on YouTube where they were playing live and they sounded great.  Troubadour Dali’s sound may not be totally unique, in that at times they remind me a bit of STP.  But that certainly isn’t a bad thing.  And then other times they remind me of a 70s Psychedelic band – which is a great thing.

What I like most about this band is rather difficult for me to define.  I like the way this band sounds.  Duh, right?  But it’s on a different level from just hearing them.  The sounds that are made in the songs just… it’s like a very relaxing massage.  Or a peaceful humming sound.  Not to say that their music is necessarily relaxing or peaceful, but the vibrations just seem to resonate with me in a way that feels good.  And yes, I am still talking about music here.  I told you it was difficult to explain.

You’ll understand what I’m trying to say once you listen to their music, which you can do courtesy of ReverbNation below.  If you are into “trippy”, Psychedelic, Classic Rock music, I would highly suggest you listen to Troubadour Dali.


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