St. Louis Blues Playoff Anthem

Attention Hockey Fans:

Perhaps you have heard of a totally hip and cool site called STLGT.  It’s where all the cool Blues fans go to talk hockey and all the other teams’ fans go to complain about how good the Blues are.

Well, the Blues have secured themselves a playoff spot this year, which is a pretty big deal if you follow them or hockey, and we Blues fans are pretty excited.  Now a local band by the name of Brookroyal tried to come up with a Blues Playoff Anthem and well, it didn’t go over so well at STLGT.  And frankly, I didn’t much care for it either.  As far as music goes, it wasn’t terrible, but it failed to mention the Blues (team or players) and failed to represent the roots of the Blues with When the Saints Go Marching In.

So here’s the deal.  If you are looking for a little exposure, a little publicity, maybe even a few more fans, come up with a St. Louis Blues Playoff Anthem!  Upload it somewhere so we can link to it or direct people to it, let us know about it, and see what people think!  It’s that simple.

The NHL regular season ends April 7th or 8th, so you have some time, but not a lot.  Get to work Blues fans!

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