Tenement Ruth

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Tenement Ruth
Band Name: Tenement Ruth
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Year Formed:
Band Members: Melissa Anderson (guitar/vocals), Dave Anderson (guitar), Mary Williams (drums), Jake Deleonardis (bass)
Genres: Alternative, Rock







Tenement Ruth Background Info

We are basement dwellers, bakers of sweets, makers of things, tangible and musical. Our recordings are fair, but our live show reigns supreme…come and see us sometime. (via Tenement Ruth’s ReverbNation Page)

MarsBands Review

Tenement Ruth kind of reminds me of The Vincent Black Shadow back when Vincent Black Shadow was good (see: Cassandra Ford).  Tenement Ruth has an amazing sound to them.  While classified as Rock, I think that may be a bit too general of a definition.

At times Tenement Ruth has a rather distinct Classic Rock sound.  There’s also another quality about their music that I hear in a lot of bands that I like but have no way of putting that description into words.  It’s not something easily definable.  You just know they are good when you hear it.

Tenement Ruth makes music that is incredibly unique.  It’s fantastic because you can tell the music is made not to please the masses, so to speak, but rather for the sake of making music that sounds good.  They make music for music’s sake.  They don’t try to sound mainstream, they don’t try to try to fool you into liking them.

With all due respect, this sounds like a local band you hear in a club somewhere, not some pretend band who just wants to make catchy riffs and join the mainstream circus.  Although that may sound mean, I absolutely don’t mean it to be.  This is precisely the type of music that I think more people need to be aware of.  This is awesome music.  I will keep working to try to get a little more background info on them.  In the meantime, do your ears a favor and listen to Tenement Ruth!

I recommend that you listen to Imaginary Friend first, as that is my favorite.


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