Red Electrick

Band Info
Red Electrick
Band Name: Red Electrick
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Attard, Malta
Year Formed:
Band Members: Matt James (Vox & Keys), Pete (Guitar), Jonas (Guitar), Ivan (Bass & Vox), Raf (Drums)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Punk






Red Electrick Background Info

Red Electrick is a band with a genuine love of music. With many elements at play in their collective sound, it’s safe to say that their passion is fuelled as much by the bluesy swagger of 70s rock as it is by punk’s needle-sharp guitar angst, the bittersweet skanked-up rhythms that the 2-Tone era revelled in and an indie frame of mind. Now add a dash of Mediterranean sunshine to it all and you’re pretty much on the mark.

The five-man line-up that is Red Electrick has been firing up the Maltese airwaves in recent years with a brace of singles that also propelled the band to the forefront of the island’s music scene. Of course, their success was boosted even further thanks to the band’s charged live performances, much talked-about events that never fail to deliver the goods whether they’re unplugged or not. (via Red Electrick’s Facebook Page)

MarsBands Review

With all the awesome bands we’ve been sending your way from Malta, we should have done a Malta week.  I’m quite literally astounded at how many very exciting bands we’ve been able to find originating from such a tiny island.  I’m pretty sure that has to be the best spot on the planet right now if you’re looking for good music.

Red Electrick is fantastic, and honestly, their own Facebook page sums them up better than I could.  Just like they say, they are a mix of some Classic Rock sounds, Punk, with a bit of Electro and even a hint of Reggae.  Actually, some of there music, for whatever reason, kind of makes me think of InCulto, especially their song Jail Bail.

Do you ears a favor and give Red Electrick a listen.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Pick Up the Phone
  • The End of it All
  • Who the Heck is Rek

Where They Are From

Attard, Malta


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