Bon Iver says F.U. to the Grammys

“This is Ridiculous”

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t much care for Bon Iver’s music.  It just doesn’t appeal to me (except Re: Stacks, which was on an episode of House (the one where Amber dies)).  I realize that’s kind of odd considering I do enjoy music from similar artists (see: Right Away, Great Captain).  That being said, I absolutely respect Justin Vernon, assuming he meant what he said when referring to the Grammys;

Everyone should go home, this is ridiculous.  You should not be doing this. We should not be gathering in a big room and looking at each other and pretending that this is important.

And then to top it all off, he snubbed an invite to perform at this year’s Grammys telling Billboard:

We wanted to play our music, but we were told that we couldn’t play. We had to do a collaboration with someone else. And we just felt like it was such a large stage. We’re getting nominated for this record that we made, me and Brian [Joseph] and a bunch of our fucking friends, and we were given accolades for it. And all of a sudden we were being asked to play music that had nothing to do with that. We kind of said ‘fuck you’ a little bit…

And then I read this article on Yahoo Music… yes I know, it’s Yahoo.  But just read it.  Towards the end the author, Tiffany Lee, insinuates that Bon Iver was either too intimidated to play at the Grammys or they are having a “premature diva moment”.  Really?

Just because Bon Iver doesn’t share the same opinion of mainstream music and doesn’t want to take part in a pretentious ceremony to inflate the egos of people who are already too high on themselves, doesn’t mean they are having a “diva moment”.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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