Band Info
Band Name: Woods
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Jeremy Earl, Kevin Morby, Jarvis Taveniere, G. Lucas Crane
Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic



The Rundown: Woods is an Idie/Folk/Lo-Fi band from Brooklyn, New York.  Formed in 2005 by Jeremy Earl, the band also consists of Kevin Morby, Jarvis Taveniere, and G. Lucas Crane.  Woods has released 5 albums:

Woods is a fantastic mix of Folk, Rock, Indie, and even go a little Psychedelic on listeners at times.  The music is generally upbeat, soft, and moody.  Each song is rich with sound and harmony.  Jeremy Earl has a very unique voice which he utilizes to perfection.  His voice melds so eloquently with the accompanying music that his voice becomes another instrument.

Woods is a truly unique band which creates music, lyrics, and vocals that will entrance you.  Their sound is timeless because at times their songs remind me of music from the 60s and 70s while still being able to keep it modern.  One of my favorite songs among their many, many good songs is To Have in the Home.  I suggest you check it out, along with the rest of their music.  MarsBands.com loves originality and for that reason we love Woods.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Suffering Season
  • Ring Me To Sleep
  • Out Of The Eye
  • To Have In The Home

Where They Are From

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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