Veronica Falls

Band Info
Veronica Falls
Band Name: Veronica Falls
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London, England
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Roxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar), James Hoare (guitar, vocals), Marion Herbain (bass) Patrick Doyle (drums, vocals)
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Shoegaze





The Rundown:  Veronica Falls is an Indie/Pop  band from London, England.  Some people also think the band falls under the category of Shoegaze, which I can kind of agree with.  Formed in 2009 from members of the bands The Royal We and Sexy Kids, Veronica Falls is made up of Roxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar), James Hoare (guitar, vocals), Marion Herbain (bass) and Patrick Doyle (drums, vocals).

The band released their debut, self-titled album (Veronica Falls) in 2011.  In addition, they have released numerous singles prior to 2011 including Beachy Head
and Bad Feeling.

The band’s sound is actually kind of hard to sum up because at times they are dark, sometimes they sound like Surf-Pop.  To be more specific, they kind of sound like an Indie version of Queens of the Stone Age.  My favorite song of theirs is Found Love in a Graveyard.  It’s slow, spooky, and has some very haunting harmonies.  I would also recommend that you check out Bad Feeling as well.  It’s not often you find a band that mixes some dark sounds and vocals with Surf-Pop, but that’s pretty much what Veronica Falls does.  Describing it like that seems odd, but hearing it sounds amazing. likes Veronica Falls because of their unique sound and their amazing abilities to create, combine, and reinvent genres.  Be sure to give them a listen.



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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Bad Feeling
  • Come On Over
  • Beachy Head
  • Right Side of my Brain

Where They Are From

Westminster, London, UK

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