Ladylike Lily

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Ladylike Lily
Band Name: Ladylike Lily
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: France
Year Formed: your guess is as good as mine
Band Members:
Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Indie






The Rundown: Information on this amazingly talented singer/songwriter, Ladylike Lily, is hard to come by.  And when I say it’s hard to come by, I mean I have been searching for hours and have been able to find nothing other than she has an EP out called, On My Own EP.  I assume she is from France, given that her shows have all been in France and she speaks French.  If anyone happens to know more about her, like, where she’s from, when she got started, discography, etc. please let me know.  So, here is what I know based on her music.

She is amazing.  I’m going to assume her name is Lily unless corrected.  Her voice is soft, sweet, and haunting.  Her music, at times, seems like she is so incredibly sad.  She uses but a simple acoustic guitar, with simple, elegant, finger-picked riffs for many of her songs.  If I was forced to define her sound, I would say it is Acoustic/Indie with perhaps a hint of Folk/Pop.  Imagine Jewel before she sold out, only darker and French.  I was able to see one of her videos on YouTube and noticed that she likes to use the looping pedal, much the way KT Tunstall does. finds Ladylike Lily incredibly alluring.  Mostly because her music is so gripping and filled with complex emotions while being so elegant and simple.  Partly because she is amazingly talented, both lyrically and vocally.  But also because we can’t find out anything about her.  The mystery only heightens her appeal.  Check her out, and we’ll keep on searching for more information about her.  Stay tuned.

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