Nickelback Won’t Back Down – Neither Will Haters

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People who attend the game should do one of two things.

1) When halftime starts, get up and leave.  Don’t go back to your seat until Nickelback is gone.
2) Stand up.  Turn around so your back is facing the band, and cover your ears for the entirety of Nickelback’s performance.

This year’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show during the Lions and Packers game will still be featuring Nickelback.  For now, anyway.
I’m going to make a bold prediction – It’s not going to go over well.

If you haven’t heard by now, Nickelback (you remember them, right?  They’re that band that used to be cool like, 10 or so years ago) will be playing the Halftime Show and, wouldn’t ya know it, nobody wants them to play.  And it’s not just a few people who hate the band.  Currently 49,289 people have petitioned to kick Nickelback off the Halftime Show roster.  If you are like me and like to compare numbers, Nickelback has around 93,000 Twitter followers.  My guess is if they weren’t asking for your address, that 49,298 would be a lot higher.  Hell, even I was half tempted to sign it.  But, I really want to see what happens to the band.  I love drama.  And I have a mute button.  Hooray for technology!

Here’s the funny stuff.  People were asked to provide a reason why they didn’t want Nickelback to perform.  I spent nearly an hour reading all the comments.  And not just because I’m a slow reader, but because there are a ton of them.  Many are quite comical.  Here’s some of the reasons people gave to drop Nickelback that I saw upon visiting.

Let’s review – You’ve got football fans, notorious for being a little screwy in the head to begin with, who will have a full hour to hour and a half of drinking as much alcohol as the beer man can provide (not to mention pre-game tailgating).  Then you bring out a band to play the Halftime Show that people really, really don’t like and have signed a petition to have them removed from the lineup.
Hmm.  Nickelback will be lucky to leave the stage under their own power.  I’m guessing there will be a shower of boos, followed by some very faint cheers (very faint).  I am also betting that the boos will be so loud that people at the game might not even be able to hear the band play anyway.  I also assume there will be items thrown at the band.  I’m not endorsing it, but it would be naive to think it won’t happen.

And apparently Nickelback doesn’t take kindly to people booing them and throwing stuff at them.  During a performance in Portugal, the band left the stage after Kroeger was hit in the noggin by an unidentified flying object.  I’d bet big money someone is going to throw something, and I’m giving it a 20% chance of making it close to it’s target.

Back to the petition – As I read through the reasons why people wanted Nickelback to be removed from the Halftime Show, I stumbled upon what is easily the best answer of them all.

Somebody find that man, tell him everything is going to be alright. is here. 

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