Street Corner Symphony

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Street Corner Symphony
Band Name: Street Corner Symphony
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: John Martin, Jon McLemore, Jeremy Lister, Richie Lister, Mark McLemore, and Adam Chance
Genres: Acappella

Acappella Week, Day 5





The Rundown:  Street Corner Symphony, formed in 2010, are another extremely impressive Acappella group from Nashville, Tennessee.  The group was formed for the soul purpose of competing on the show The Singoff in 2010 and ultimately finished in 2nd place.  Street Corner Symphony is made up of John Martin, Jon McLemore, Jeremy Lister, Richie Lister, Mark McLemore, and Adam Chance.

One of the reasons I like Street Corner Symphony is because of their cover of Radiohead’s Creep.  Any group that can pull off a cover that good is top-notch in my book.  Jeremy Lister sang that song with all the emotion that Thom Yorke originally sang it with.  Street Corner Symphony contains a ton of talent in their group.  And while they may not have as many members as some other Acappella groups, there is no shortage of sound.  I find it amazing how much sound comes out of just six people.

Street Corner Symphony is sharp.  Their timing is impeccable.  Their tuning is pitch-perfect. is a huge fan of Street Corner Symphony because they are a group of highly dedicated and driven individuals with massive amounts talent.  It’s tough to find more talented singers that these six fine gentlemen.

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