On The Rocks

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On The Rocks
Band Name: On the Rocks
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: University of Oregon, USA
Year Formed: 1999
Band Members: read review
Genres: Acappella


Acappella Week, Day 5







The Rundown: The first official collegiate a cappella group in Oregon, On The Rocks, formed in 1999, is an all-male Acappella group from the University of Oregon.

At the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, On the Rocks finished 3rd in 2002, and 2nd in 2003.  In 2010 On the Rocks appeared on The Singoff and finished 5th overall.

The current lineup consists of:
Alar Teose, Chris Power, Alex Horwitch, Neil Ghosh, Porsche Anthony, Jeff Rogers, Luke Snyder, Rufus, Micah Joyner, Will Cuddy, Patrick Bryant, and David Ozog.

Another very cool Acappella group that appeared on The Singoff and are probably most famous for their version of Lady Gaga’s song, Bad Romance.  And I’ll be honest, I love their version.  Their personalities are as eccentric as the songs they choose to sing, which they sing to perfection.

On the Rocks is full of amazingly talented singers, and MarsBands.com highly recommends them.


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