Gaga Going Green?

Lady Gaga has been asked to dress in veggies, instead of meat.  PETA India wants Lady Gaga to wear a dress made of lettuce.  No, I’m not totally yanking your chain.  This isn’t some made-up story.  In fact, through our extensive list of insider contacts, we have a top-secret picture of the proposed dress!  Go Team Investigative Journalism!

Now obviously, I jest.  But does Gaga really think she is something amazing that people ask her to do these completely ignorant things?  At what point will she realize that people are no longer amazed by her, rather, they are amused by her.  She is the laughing stock of Pop Stars.  But what is funnier?  Gaga, doing stupid stuff, or PETA asking her to do stupid stuff.  How ironic is it to have an organization looking out for the well-being of animals when humans can’t even look after the well-being of fellow humans?

But back to Gaga – People don’t even care about her music, now all they care about is what stupid thing she’s going to do next.  Is this the beginning of a Britney Spears type downward spiral?  Will this lettuce dress be added to the growing list of stupid things she does?  Is this really the kind of endorsement PETA wants?  I’m sure you, as well as myself, will be sitting on the edge of our seats waiting with bated breath.


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