Band Info
Band Name: YellowJackets
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: University of Rochester, New York, USA
Year Formed: 1956
Band Members: read review
Genres: Acappella

Acappella Week, Day 6




The Rundown:   Formed by Dr. Ward Woodbury, Jr., who was appointed Director of Music on the River Campus in 1954, The YellowJackets made their first appearance at a graduation ceremony in 1956.  Oddly enough, the iconic yellow jackets didn’t become part of their repertoire until 1958.  Originally, The YellowJackets performed accompanied with music, but by the late 80s they ditched the instruments and went all-in with Acappella.

Current members include:
Aden Brooks ’14, Matt Carlin ’14, Galen Dole ’13, Jordan Fontheim ’13, Matt Francis ’11, Jonathan Greenhalgh ’09, Jamal Moore ’12, Ross Pedersen ’13, Michael Pittman ’13, Danny Rubenstein ’11, Abhishek Sharma ’14, Aaron Sperber ’11, and Christopher Young ’11.

The YellowJackets have some amazing voices in their group, and with a such a storied history, they are easily one of the most recognizable and well-known Acappella groups around.  They have a great taste in music and brilliant creative minds to be able to stay competitive among their peers. is a huge fan of The YellowJackets.

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Where They Are From

Rochester, NY, USA

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